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Charlie’s Burger Bar

by Savannah Evanoff Charlie’s Burger Bar was an unexpected treat. I walked in expecting a tourist...

Cesar Velazquez of Chiringo

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Massachusetts, Chef Cesar Velazquez grew up cooking with...

Where to dine on local seafood

Searching for a seafood along the Emerald Coast is easy. But if you want fresh local seafood, that narrows down the search at little bit.

5 things Destin locals say you must taste

We polled our loyal Destin locals on our Facebook page to see what hit the list as the foodie must-haves in the area and our question yielded tons of answers from all over the flavor pallet.

Fudpuckers: then and now

The story of Fudpucker’s is, in many ways, the story of Destin.

Hog’s Breath Saloon celebrates 40 years

Whatever your breath smells like, you’ll likely fit right in at Hog’s Breath.

Where to eat out with your pet in South Walton

Dogs are plentiful in South Walton, and unlike days of old when Fido stayed in the backyard, these days he’s more likely to be embraced as a member of the family and taken on most outings his parents take.

4 places to eat gator around Destin

Can you still get gator on the menu in Destin? Yes! Here are 4 local restaurants serving this delicacy.

Here’s how to get your salted caramel fix in Destin

Salted caramel meets the demands of sweet and salty lovers everywhere. Here's how you can find your fix in Destin.

Navarre’s Food Truck Line-Up

Navarre has several scattered food trucks that are well worth the hunt!

Chefs Hall & Papa of Royal Palm Grille

Chefs Hall & Papa of Royal Palm Grille give their insight on the art and passion of cooking.

Tim Creehan of Cuvee 30A

Chef Tim Creehan of Cuvee 30A shares his culinary expertise.
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