An eye in the sky: Swing Wing soars above Destin

Published: Friday, March 28, 2014 at 03:42 PM.

Boe and Barton are both commercial pilots, and although a pilot’s license is not a current requirement for operating the aerial equipment, Boe told The Log it may be a necessity in the future.

“They don’t even have rules for this yet,” Boe said. “Congress was told they had to come up with some by 2015.”

However, Boe explained that the Federal Aviation Administration has asked that remote controlled equipment be kept below 400 feet, and within line of sight. In addition, Boe has implemented his own safety precautions as he said, “I try to keep it below buildings and I don’t go over crowds of people or busy streets.”

The electronic helicopter cost about $5,000 to assemble and is comprised of several intricate parts.

“It’s got a motor, frame, flight controller, propellers, battery, transmitter, and GPS system,” Boe said, explaining that the flight controller is the brains of the operation, and the propellers are what direct the craft.

“If I want it to roll left, the right props speed up, and if I want it to go forward, the back props speed up,” Boe described.

As for the photography component, Boe demonstrated that as the helicopter flies an automatic shutter pulse is set to snap a photo every four seconds. He explained that the still camera model does not have a live view function, leaving it to his flying skills alone to get the desired photo.

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