Secret to Destin’s early fishing succes

Published: Friday, March 1, 2013 at 02:51 PM.

Captain Mikel, like the other captains, was all ears when he started the engine.  Later, when I was operating our vessels, I also listened carefully as I could for any strange sound could turn into a huge repair bill if allowed to continue. 

These captains could navigate by sounding lead readings. They knew from experience what the depth was supposed to be in certain “fishy” areas for they had memorized the bottom contours and never seemed to be fooled. 

Inshore, where he could see land, Captain Mikel could look at the shore and knew instantly if he needed to be more offshore, inshore or a bit to the east or west. The landmarks for each fishing spot were engraved into his mind.  If he ever fished a place on a clear day, on another clear day he could go right back to it. 

These men were also very strong and could fish all day with hand lines and land thousands of pounds of red snapper and grouper, not counting trigger fish, white snappers etc. 

Now, I’d like to tell you their secret. 

These men had wives that loved Jesus. Kathleen Mikel lived within reach of her Bible and enjoyed a “hot line” to God. You could tell by looking at its worn cover she read it daily, keeping her faith strong, and was a faithful prayer warrior for her husband and family. 

When Roscoe came home, she had a meal ready from a “soul food” menu.  Meat or fish, plus fresh collard greens, beans and cornbread with some strong iced tea would be a favorite meal for Roscoe.  I know it was for my dad and me.   

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